Dog Park Playgrounds

Climbing Structures


Fun, durable & easy to install

We offer a range of dog climbing structures and training platforms in a variety of sizes and materials. Our premium-quality products are available in both natural (pressure-treated cedar) and recycled plastic construction.


Hill Climbs

Dogs can run up the incline and descend the Hill Climb at their own pace and confidence level. It’s great exercise that develops balance, strength and endurance.

Bridge Climbs

Incline and decline training builds muscle in a dog’s legs and torso while developing balance and endurance. Designed to support even the most athletic large dog.


Training Platform

A Training Platform provides a great place for dogs to take a break. Use this piece to practice commands or just hang out with your pooch while he takes a pause.


Climbing Boulders

Our Climbing Boulders are perfect for dog parks and play areas. Boulders provide the natural climbing features that dogs love! Molded from real rock with a durable coating.




Environmentally Friendly
Post-consumer waste is the main ingredient in our eco-friendly, long-lasting recycled plastic material.

Plastic material does not need to be sealed, painted or stained and does not rot - providing unmatched durability.

Easy to Install
Easily placed on concrete, grass or gravel. No holes to dig, no footings to pour.

Flexible & Space Efficient
Multifunctional and easy to move. Our products are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Resists Vandalism
Paint will not bond to recycled plastic surfaces and can be easily removed.

Natural Wood
Pressure-treated wood is available for projects that require a unique color or more natural look. This material is well-suited for outdoor use, and can be natural or finished according to your project’s needs.